... using a vehicle from our stock

Our guests are mobile in the village, in the region or all over the whole island acording to their demand. Therefore a stock of vehicles is availabel to be booked on an hourly base:

  • Bicycles
  • Electrical Bicycles
  • Cars

Why to pay an expesive rental car all 14 days - a useless tool while you are relaxing most of your time at the pool or beach or in the apartment?

Better to bock at any time day or night an apropriate vehicle by the hour depending on the destination!

Going to the beach and back by bicycle is not only very economical, but the little bicycle tour is helping you already on the way to enjoy the Cyprus sun, air and nature. Would you have realised the bird of pray cycling arround over the hill on the right hand side if you where driving a car? Would the warm summer wind have caressed your skin and hair? It does not always need to be the car!

If you want to go further away or if the mountenouse landscape is a challange the electrical bicycle is the best choise. You will be cycling easily up the hill to the supermarket to select the best red wine for the evening on the terrass of your apartment. On that relaxing tour you stay in contact with the environment arround.

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