Visiting Cyprus together with friends sharing the same passion for culture, history and nature you probably want to leave behind the worries of the life at home and you want to just focus on feeling the history and the cultural heritage. We will provide you everything helping you to enjoy the time with your friends so you will have something special to tell back home.

From the moment the aircraft circles around the coast of Cyprus providing you a breathtaking view down along the beaches, villages, towns and cliffs, you don't need to worry about anything. You will be welcomed at the airport and guided to your base for new adventures. Your base will be a comfortable holiday apartment where you can prepare your activities undisturbed, away from crowds in a hotel lobby or long isles with rows of tiny rooms door by door just separated by a thin wall. Your holiday apartment with nice terrace or balcony providing you your private outdoor place to rest and relax will help you to prepare for the new adventure of the evening or the next day.

Kourion theatre 18 Limassol District lrg s

All that will enable you all year round to charge your batteries – relaxation for the body and adventure for the sole to be ready for your challenging professional life at home.