Visiting Cyprus as a couple you surely want to leave behind the worries of the everyday life and want to just focus on the two of you. We will provide you everything helping you to refresh your partnership and to deepen your emotional relationship.

From the moment the aircraft circles around the coast of Cyprus providing you a breathtaking view down along the beaches, villages, towns and cliffs, you don't need to worry about anything. You will be welcomed at the airport and guided to your home for the next days or weeks. Your home will be a cozy holiday apartment where you can enjoy your privacy away from a crowded hotel lobby or long isles with rows of tiny rooms door by door and just separated by a thin wall.

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Arriving in your holiday home with nice terrace or balcony providing you your private outdoor place to rest and relax will stimulate your senses and will make you feel like arriving in your garden. At any time you have the choice to relax to gether in your cozy apartment and enjoy yourself or to join other couples near the pool and at the pool bar to enjoy a swim, feel the sun on your skin or taste a cocktail or snack.

Take the electrical bicycles to explore together the landscape along the coast. Between olive groves and grape fields you will reach the beautiful beaches of Pissouri, Avdimou, Paramali or Petra Tou Romiou (Πέτρα του Ρωμιού).

Take the canoe to paddle to the lonely hidden small bays of the area to find your private place to relax at the sea, imagine the protecting cliffs behind you and the rushing waves in front of you and no one around - just envisage what to do. For those of you afraid of to much sportive activity we can bring you to the nice places along the coast with the boat.

All that will enable you to refresh your love and to give your partnership a boost.