Cypriot dishes largely consist of meat. It also involves delicacies, appetizers and sweets. Mezes are optimal to try the Cypriot cuisine and include pitta, dips, a variety of grilled meat, salads, chees and more! Sweets are usually honey-soaked pastries, or sweet fruits.

Music and Dance:

Traditional Cypriot Music is very similar to traditional Greek and is played by bouzouki, accordion and violin, lavouto and boulgari. A big part of life and a backbone of festivals, bouzouki clubs and weddings is dancing. Traditional dress is often worn. 

Cyprus Nights:

  • Platea Tavern in Pissouri on Fridays
  • Bouzoukia at O'Vrakas Tavern in Pissouri on Wednesdays
  • Kouklia Village Square on Thursdays