Bathing in over 340 days of sunshine a year, Cyprus is an ancient land famous for its archaeological sites and beautiful beaches. Lying at the crossroads of three continents, it is a beguiling mix of east and west boasting mountain peaks and deserted beaches and blending untamed beauty with cosmopolitan city life. With a total area of 9.250 km², Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Cyprus enjoys a prime location, benefiting from a wide network of air-routes from both scheduled and low-cost airlines that connect it with Europe, Africa and Asia. This, combined with its ideal climate and excellent tax and financial benefits, make it a location of choice for many affluent business-minded individuals and companies. Numerous studies have also cited Cyprus as the number one place for retirement and relocation. It's popularity is due to its first-class infrastructure, relaxed life style, beautiful landscape, safe environment and of course, the personal taxation advantages it offers.

 Cyprus Fact File

Languages spoken widely Greek, English, Russian
Currency Euro  
Telephone dialling code +357
Driving left hand side of the road
Speed limits village - country road - motorway 50 km/h - 80 km/h - 100 km/h
Member of: EU, UN, British Commonwealth
Web Domain

Cyprus ranks highly on several credible world ranking systems:

  • The Index of Economic Freedom 2011 - World rank 18 (same as the USA), regional rank 9
  • Forbes Best Countries for Business - rank 22
  • Knight Frank prime international residential index (PIRI) - rank 36
  • Doing Business 2011 - rank 37
  • Global Competitiveness Index 2010/2011 - rank 40

The voltage on the island is 240V. Socket outlets are 3 pin British type. We provide adapters and they can be purchased in supermarkets.

All types of medication approved in the EU are available all over Cyprus.

Banks in Cyprus open for the public from 08:30 to 12:30 midday. Certain banks in tourist area open in the afternoon too.

Public Holidays
January 1 and 6, March 25, April 1, May 1, August 15, October 1 and 28, December 24 to 26.
There are four more public holiday whose dates are variable: Green Monday (50 days before the Greek-Orthodox Easter), Good Friday and Easter Monday (Greek-Orthodox Easter), Pentecost.

Shopping Hours

Most large shops are open every day of the week from 8:00 to 20:00 o'clock.

It is equable, with an abundance of sunny days throughout the year. Long summers and short and mild winters.
The average daytime temperature from June to September is 32 °C, from October to November 25 °C, from December to February 16 °C from March to May 25 °C.
Very light, cotton clothes are recommended for the hot summer. Jacket and light sweaters maybe required for the evenings during May and June, September and October, and warm clothes are worn during the winter months.

Driving is on the left hand side of the road. Petrol stations in all seaside areas and major towns are equipped with automatic pumps, accepting bank notes and credit cards, and are operating on a 24H basis. German EC cards or similar bank cards are not accepted. 

Car Rental
There are many car rentals in Cyprus, and the top international names are represented. The Minimum age to hire a car is 23 and the maximum 75. A credit card is always required as deposit guarantee.

Not Allowed
It is strictly forbidden to remove antiquities from the bottom of the sea, or to take any antiquities out of Cyprus without a special export license. Christian Orthodox is the religion in the Republic of Cyprus. Visitors should respect ecclesiastical tradition and avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless garments in churches and monasteries.

Pissouri Village - Papantoniou Supermarket (Pissouri) 3km
Pissouri Village - Pissouri Bay 5km
Pissouri - Coral Bay (Pafos) 50km
Pissouri - Troodos 50 km
Pissouri - Limassol 35 km
Pissouri - Pafos 35 km
Pissouri - Larnaca 100 km
Pissouri - Aya Napa 150 km
Pissouri - Nationalpark Cape Greco (Cavo Greco)155km

Public transportation connects major towns but in some cases only 2 times a day.